The board members are specifically proud of the fact that the following non-profits schedule golf tournaments/events throughout the golf year to attract other golfers for various charitable projects respectively; 
  •  Bruni Lions Club
  •  Hebbronville Golf Association
  •  Falfurrias Agriculture Club
  •  Hebbronville 4-H
  •  Border Patrol Club
  •  Falfurrias High School Golf
  •  Invitational
  •  Falfurrias Cross Country Track Meet
  •  Catholic Church Auxiliary
  •  Yaklin Family Reunion
  •  Hebbronville Easter Tournament
These events sponsor thousands of dollars for individuals in need of basic everyday items such as; 
  •  Eyeglasses
  •  Educational scholarships
  •  Medical supplies
  •  Funeral expenses
  •  Fundraising for student activities (High school, 4-h, etc.)
  •  Dental exams
  •  Hospital and doctor expenses
  •  Clothing
  •  Educational trips
  •  College tuitions
  •  Books
  •  Safety appliances
The board on several occasions holds benefit golf tournaments to assist local victims with expenses resulting from cancer, hospital, funeral, and other catastrophic financial difficulties. We distribute all of the funds and reduce all of the fees (we keep nothing). This type of service is available to everyone.
The board believes in resisting an increase in fees to compete with surrounding golf courses that have more aesthetic/newer facilities.
The board recognizes that the course has a good geographic location but its best selling point is the reasonable fees in comparison to surrounding golf courses. The board’s goal is to continue to attract the same local golfers and non-profit organizations by providing a good facility with supporting equipment to play golf on.
This indirectly supports enhances and multiplies the respective non-profits with its project/event and final disposition of the charitable contribution. This can only be accomplished with financial assistance by replacement of our golf carts which continual y break down and renovation of our greens which have never been upgraded.
The board membership is purely voluntary and we devote many hours to promote golf. We have a small clubhouse, no pro-shop; we sell water, sodas, chips but no alcohol.